Saturday, July 23, 2011

Return To One by Cathy Preston

You're reading this. You were meant to.
What you make of that is up to you.
Or is it...?

Return To One dances the razor's edge of karmic-adventure and folk-fantasy, of spiritual quest and self odyssey. In a world of warm villages and beautiful dreams, Misha expects that same life to always be hers. But life, and Gaha, have very different plans...

Launched on a quest beyond her control, Misha comes face to face with more of herself than she ever dreamed, or wanted. With each path travelled, each moment on their road, she and Lec are brought deeper into the depths of who we all are, and why we're all here. From vibrant villages to enthralling crystal caves, from finding self to knowing All that Is, Return To One is an unexpected meeting with your soul.

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